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DIY Moviemaking

Learn the technical, creative, and organisational skills to make the best film you can on a budget

After Effects Essentials

Learn how to create amazing VFX like on the @Steve Ramsden YouTube channel using a single program and no plugins

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I've built this course for anyone who wants to learn how to make the best film they can on a budget, by teaching the technical, creative, and organisational skills to bring your passion project to life.

If you think you need a lot of money or equipment to make your own film, my goal with this course is to get you thinking about what you might already have, and instead use clever planning to make the best film you can while spending as little money as possible. 

It is geared towards anyone from a beginner to someone more advanced, who is struggling to know where to begin with trying to make their own short film or feature film, whether as an amateur or a professional.

So if you’re someone who has always wanted to try making their own film but have no idea where to start, you’re in the right place!

DIY Moviemaking course preview:

  • Welcome and my story

  • How to get ideas for making your own films - top 5 tips

  • Getting motivated and staying inspired

  • Writing your film, story, plot, structure

  • Professional scriptwriting and formatting

  • Finding actors and casting

  • How to find a film crew or be your own

  • Camera choice

  • Camera Settings Part 1, Resolution, Frame Rate, NTSC vs PAL, White Balance

  • Camera Settings Part 2: Exposure, Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, ND Filters

  • Lenses, focal lengths, sensor size, focus

  • Recording audio

  • Lighting

  • Stabilisers, shoulder rigs, tripods, sliders, dollies

  • Film Grammar and cinematography tips to be your own DP

  • Lighting Case Study: parked car at night

  • Lighting Case Study: dramatic interior at night

  • Pre-production: Scheduling and location scouting

  • Pre-production: Budgeting

  • Pre-production: Read through, blocking and rehearsal with actors

  • Pre-production: Shot lists, storyboards, floor plans, look books

  • Pre-production: Crew meetings and preparation

  • Production: Shooting

  • Production Case Study: The Noise (short comedy)

  • Production Case Study: In Memoriam (short horror)

  • Production Case Study: Road Kill (short thriller)

  • SFX or VFX – what’s the difference and which to use

  • SFX Case study: Old age prosthetics

  • VFX Case study: Fake long take, jumping out of a moving car

  • Other kinds of moviemaking – animation, puppets, stop motion

  • Top ten tips for shooting miniatures

  • Post-production: which edit program to use

  • Post-production: How to be a great editor

  • Post-production: Sound Design Sound Mixing and Music

  • Post-production: Colour Correction and Grading

  • Visual Effects (After Effects Essentials course preview)

  • Distribution: Film Festival Submitting

  • Distribution: Film Festival Attending and following up

  • Distribution: Self or Online Release

  • Wrap Up

  • Bonus: Savvy Filmmakers interview

As well as your course access, you will get:

  • Membership to the private community with course members from around the world
  • Downloadable resources giving you templates for scripting, storyboarding, budgeting and lots more
  • Live Q&A sessions to ask questions
  • Discounts for other DIY Moviemaking courses 
  • Access to all future content


I've built this course for anyone who wants to learn Adobe After Effects quickly to get VFX results like I do on my popular YouTube channel (@Steve Ramsden).

A complete beginner can join the course, download a selection of my footage to practice with, and use the free trial of After Effects to complete the lessons!

My aim with this course is to inspire you to create your own amazing VFX shots using just one program, no plugins and whatever resources you already have.

Ready to make amazing VFX with me?

Start today!

After Effects Essentials course preview

  • Introduction and downloads

  •  Basic interface

  •  Importing clips and composition settings

  •  Timeline, stacking layers, changing frame rates

  •  Toggle switches, duplicating and renaming layers

  •  Transform properties, basic 2D movements, keyframes

  •  Basic 3D movements using keyframes

  •  Keyframe assistant and motion blur

  •  Parenting clips, null objects, precomposing clips

  •  Masks and shape layers

  •  Using masks to composite two shots

  •  Using masks to create a hidden cut transition

  •  Adding effects and adjustment layers

  •  Reverse clips (time reverse layer) and alter speed (time remapping)

  •  Color correction and grading with Lumetri Color

  •  Adding text

  •  Green or blue screen removal

  •  Green or blue screen background adding and shot improvements

  •  Rotoscoping

  •  Adding pre-keyed VFX to footage, blending modes, luma key

  •  Adding fake handheld movement using wiggle expression

  •  Warp Stabiliser and Stabilise Motion (locked on effect)

  •  Track Motion in 2D

  •  Track Motion in 3D (Track Camera)

  •  Object removal using Content Aware Fill, Masks or Freeze Frame

  •  Distort objects with puppet pin tool and mesh warp

  •  Other common effects

  •  Create a camera and move in 3D space

  •  Exporting

  •  Wrap up

  •  BONUS: My 7 steps for planning and filming my VFX shots

  •  BONUS: Add yourself to movies - remove an actor using Photoshop

  •  BONUS: All After Effects tutorials from YouTube

As well as your chosen course access, you will get:

  • Membership to the private community with course members from around the world
  • Downloadable Footage (available with the After Effects Essentials course) to practice with and complete the lessons inside Adobe After Effects
  • Live Q&A sessions to ask questions
  • Discounts for other DIY Moviemaking courses 
  • Access to all future content

Frequently Asked Questions / Ts&Cs:


This course is geared towards anyone from a beginner to someone more advanced, who is struggling to know where to begin with trying to make their own short film or feature film.

This includes people who might want to do this to try and kickstart a professional career, or those just wanting to make a successful project as a hobby alongside a different line of work.

So it’s basically anyone that is looking to improve their technical, creative, and organisational skills for an upcoming film project.



This course is geared towards:

  • Anyone who wants a beginner-friendly crash course in Adobe After Effects, starting with the basics and with a strong emphasis on movie-style VFX (if you're mostly interested in motion graphics, this probably isn't the right course for you).
  • Anyone struggling to know where to begin with making their own VFX shots
  • Anyone looking to improve their income from their skills using Adobe After Effects
  • Anyone who wants to get results like Steve on YouTube

In general, all the lessons are around 10 minutes or under, as we've found this is the best length to take in information. Some are longer, but normally for a large topic this will be split into multiple videos to help make information easier to find.


There are 40 main video lessons and more will be added as and when they are made.


There are 30 main video lessons and bonus videos will be added as and when they are made (there are 2 already).  There are also currently around 20 demo videos showing various effects used in real scenarios, so the course has around 50 videos altogether.


In total there are 94 videos and counting, and over 11 hours of content!

The courses are in English and at the moment they are not available in other languages. 

If there is enough of a demand for subtitling for certain languages, we may introduce this in the future.

The courses are available to buy in both dollars and pounds for a single one-time payment.

Pro Bundle (both courses): $249 USD / £199 GBP

DIY Moviemaking course: $199 USD / £159 GBP

After Effects Essentials course: $99 USD / £79 GBP

Just select the link you want at the bottom of this page.

Membership is for life, you pay once and then you get access to all your purchased course content and any future added or updated content.

We hope you will feel you have made a great investment by buying your chosen course and improving your skills. As a general rule, we do not offer refunds for these courses, but instead on this page we share the full course contents list, the free first video, the free webinar and this FAQ section so you can see in advance what the course is like and make an informed decision about whether it is right for you prior to purchase.

Therefore by enrolling in the course, you agree to the no-refunds policy. We thank you in advance your understanding and cooperation.

We are not a school, university or Adobe-affiliated learning provider, so no, you don't get an official qualification. 

These courses are designed to improve your personal skills with filmmaking methods similar to what you can see on the Steve Ramsden YouTube channel.  

Remember: good results can get you paid work just as much as qualifications (often more so in the creative sector), so if you are here for personal development then you are in the right place!


Although some of the skills and methods I share are certainly transferable to get paid work in film and TV, do keep in mind that primarily the focus is on making your on passion projects and fictional stories, as that’s what most people are interested in starting with.


This course's skills could certainly lead to you getting paid work, as it gives you a good understanding of how to use Adobe After Effects to create all kinds of amazing content .

As technology is changing all the time and advice on what specific kit to buy can become very outdated very quickly, I can’t tell you exactly what kit to shoot and edit with as I don’t know what story you are telling, what level you are at, or what budget you have - or even if you have a budget at all.

So instead, rather than teaching how to use specific cameras and edit programs in the course, I teach you universal tips that you can apply to any camera or edit program, and I list specific kit options in the description below these videos for various budgets, and that gets updated from time to time.

This course isn’t going to teach you every camera and edit program in the world one by one, but it is going to tell you how to make the best film you can using any of them, and for 90% of films, the camera and the edit program you choose really doesn’t matter.

No! There is some of Steve's footage for you to download and use inside After Effects to follow along with the lessons and complete each step.
So you don't need to film anything yourself if you don't want to - but hopefully when you complete all the lessons you will feel like you want to!

Yes, you will need to download After Effects from to follow along with the lessons - but you can use the free trial while you complete the course. That way you can learn how to use the program before having to give Adobe any money to continue using the software.

(You will of course have to move onto Adobe's subscription model after their free trial ends).

If you are concerned about whether your computer is fast enough to handle After Effects, you can read up on the required tech specs on the Adobe website, or install the free trial and give it a try before buying this course. 

One of the first things we suggest in the course is to lower the preview / playback quality in After Effects while working if you are using a slower computer. Remember to be patient if you are building a complex project with lots of layers!

Please note: we can't help with individual technical issues that are not related to the course.

If you want to watch Steve's free webinar (Top 10 tips to make your passion project on a budget) you can watch that via the link at the top of this page. It also gives a look at what is inside both courses and answers more FAQs.


Ready to make amazing films?

Choose your course... or buy both together at a discount!

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After Effects Essentials (USD)



After Effects Essentials (GBP)









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