Ready to make amazing VFX?

I've built this course for any filmmaker who wants to learn Adobe After Effects and get VFX results like I do on my YouTube channel!

After Effects Essentials

from Steve Ramsden | DIY Moviemaking

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What people are saying...

"The way Steve focused his After Effects Essentials course on exactly what I needed to know to get up and running with After Effects quickly and correctly was perfect.

Plus, his concentration on VFX was so incredibly helpful!"

- Ed Hohlbein, Actor & Creator in Nashville, Tennessee

"Steve does a fantastic job of starting simple and slowly ramping up the concepts for any beginner to intermediate video editor that wants to learn how to spice up their edits."

- Egan Kolb, Video Editor in Austin, Texas

"For the longest time I wanted to replicate Steve’s effects from his YouTube channel.

And after taking this course, now I really can!" 

 - Hayden Goldman, Filmmaker in San Diego, California 

What's inside:

Here's what the course contains:

1 Introduction and downloads

2 Basic interface

3 Importing clips and composition settings

4 Timeline, stacking layers, changing frame rates

5 Toggle switches, duplicating and renaming layers

6 Transform properties, basic 2D movements, keyframes

7 Basic 3D movements using keyframes

8 Keyframe assistant and motion blur

9 Parenting clips, null objects, precomposing clips

10 Masks and shape layers

11 Using masks to composite two shots

12 Using masks to create a hidden cut transition

13 Adding effects and adjustment layers

14 Reverse clips (time reverse layer) and alter speed (time remapping)

15 Color correction and grading with Lumetri Color

16 Adding text

17 Green or blue screen removal

18 Green or blue screen background adding and shot improvements

19 Rotoscoping

20 Adding pre-keyed VFX to footage, blending modes, luma key

21 Adding fake handheld movement using wiggle expression

22 Warp Stabiliser and Stabilise Motion (locked on effect)

23 Track Motion in 2D

24 Track Motion in 3D (Track Camera)

25 Object removal using Content Aware Fill, Masks or Freeze Frame

26 Distort objects with puppet pin tool and mesh warp

27 Other common effects

28 Create a camera and move in 3D space

29 Exporting

30 Wrap up

31 BONUS: My 7 steps for planning and filming my VFX shots

32 BONUS: Add yourself to movies - remove an actor using Photoshop

Part of my aim with this course is to inspire you to create amazing VFX shots using just one program and whatever you already have.

Take this Star Wars tie fighter model which I'd had since I was a kid. It only took me an afternoon to experiment filming with it and a few hours using After Effects to remove the background and add some stars...

...But on YouTube it got me seen by Dennis Muren, 9-times Oscar Winner and Creative Director of Industrial Light and Magic who worked on the ORIGINAL STAR WARS FILMS! 

Dennis has been one of my VFX heroes for a long time and was kind enough to send me this short email. So you never know where your talents might lead!


Here's the first lesson in the course, free to watch:


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Anyone who wants a crash course in Adobe After Effects, starting with the basics and with a strong emphasis on VFX
  • Anyone struggling to know where to begin with making their own VFX shots
  • Anyone looking to improve their income from their skills using Adobe After Effects
  • Anyone who wants to get results like Steve on YouTube

There are 30 main video lessons and bonus videos will be added as and when they are made (there are 2 already).

Lessons are all around 10 minutes or under, as we've found this is the best length to take in information. Some are longer (such as the bonus videos) but normally for a large topic this will be split into multiple videos.

No! There is some of Steve's footage for you to download and use inside After Effects to follow along with the lessons and complete each step.
So you don't need to film anything yourself if you don't want to - but hopefully when you complete all the lessons you will feel like you want to!

The course is available to buy in both dollars and pounds. It is currently on sale for 99USD or 75GBP - just select the link you want at the bottom of this page.

Membership is for life, you pay once and then you get access to all course content and any future added or updated content.

We hope you will feel you have made a great investment by buying the course and improving your skills. As a general rule, we do not offer refunds for the course, but instead we share the full course contents list, the free first video, the free webinar and this FAQ section so you can see in advance what the course is like and make an informed decision about whether it is right for you prior to purchase.

Therefore by enrolling in the course, you agree to the no-refunds policy. We thank you in advance your understanding and cooperation.

Yes, you will need to download After Effects from to follow along with the lessons - but you can use the free trial while you complete the course. That way you can learn how to use the program before having to give Adobe any money to continue using the software.

(You will of course have to move onto Adobe's subscription model after their free trial ends).

If you are concerned about whether your computer is fast enough to handle After Effects, you can read up on the required tech specs on the Adobe website, or install the free trial and give it a try before buying this course. 

One of the first things we suggest in the course is to lower the preview / playback quality in After Effects while working if you are using a slower computer. Remember to be patient if you are building a complex project with lots of layers!

Please note: we can't help with individual technical issues that are not related to the course.

We are not a school, university or Adobe-affiliated learning provider, so no, you don't get an official qualification. 

This course is simply to improve your personal skills with Adobe After Effects, with an emphasis on visual effects similar to what you can see on the Steve Ramsden YouTube channel.  

Remember: good results can get you paid work just as much as qualifications (often more so in the creative sector), so if you are here for personal development then you are in the right place!

Yes! At the moment the After Effects Essentials is the only course on sale, but there is a larger "DIY Moviemaking" course currently under construction.  

This is designed to cover many more topics and teach you everything you need to know to make your passion project on a budget!

So far, topics include:

  • Getting ideas to make your own films
  • Writing your story - story structure and scriptwriting
  • Finding actors and casting
  • How to find a crew or be your own
  • What equipment to use for the level you are at - cameras, lenses, audio, stabilisers
  • Cinematography and lighting (and budget options)
  • Scheduling and budgeting
  • Read though, rehearsal, blocking
  • Planning, shot lists and storyboards
  • Directing
  • Editing, sound and colour
  • Distribution strategies including film festival tips

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Ready to make amazing VFX?

The course is available in US Dollars or British Pounds:



After Effects Essentials

from DIY Moviemaking




After Effects Essentials

from DIY Moviemaking


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