Learn how to make your best film on a budget

Filmmaker and YouTuber Steve Ramsden teaches all of the tips and tricks you need to create your passion project without breaking the bank using his "DIY Moviemaking" methods


My first course "After Effects Essentials" is now live!

Buy it on Store page or watch the free webinar below to find out more about the course and how I plan and shoot my visual effects:

How I use Adobe After Effects to make epic films



"The way Steve focused his After Effects Essentials course on exactly what I needed to know to get up and running with After Effects quickly and correctly was perfect. Plus, his concentration on VFX was so incredibly helpful!"

- Ed Hohlbein, Actor & Creator in Nashville, Tennessee

"Steve does a fantastic job of starting simple and slowly ramping up the concepts for any beginner that wants to learn how to spice up their edits."

- Egan Kolb, Video Editor in Austin, Texas

"For the longest time I wanted to replicate Steve’s effects from his YouTube channel and after taking this course, now I really can!" 

- Hayden Goldman, Filmmaker in San Diego, California 

I've designed the course for anyone who wants to learn to use Adobe After Effects like I do for my filmmaking experiments - this is the program I've used for all the YouTube videos you've probably watched!

A complete beginner can join the course, download a selection of my footage to practice with, and use the free trial of After Effects from Adobe to complete the lessons!


 The full DIY Moviemaking course is planned for the future - this will be a much bigger course and will cover many more topics (scripting, planning, shooting, lighting, sound, editing… etc!)

Stay tuned for more and happy moviemaking!